Where the Spotlight is

14 01 2010

FML, damn my usual ballroom and Latin American dancing (BALADS), I train 3 times a week and have competitions nearly every other weekend.

I just feel like it takes over my life 😛 I do love my dancing but I do wanna do new things… every Wednesday and Sunday I’m trying to do karate while keeping my dancing commitments. and then there’s me trying to be in there with the drama crew and doing the occasional lighting for shows (The Pitchfork Disney being my next adventure).

But damn, where’s all my stuff in between? who knows -_-‘

dancing always comes first in the end, booked a trip to Blackpool on the 26th Feb for the biggest university competition of the year! and just my luck, it clashes with “In The Spotlight” event with big theatre critics, Michael Billington, Lyn Gardner (both from the Guardian) and Ian Shuttleworth (The Financial Times).

they all come and be guest speakers at my university, Royal Holloway, but I cat go now and it would have been AWESOME to meet them… /sigh

there have been plenty of opportunities where things get disrupted by dancing, why can’t I just choose the other thing? well you feel like you have a lot of responsiblity as you have your partner to dance with, can’t leave her all by herself or she can’t dance…

bah next time… I’ll try to find the time and place for everything else… well I’m currently not dancing and I’m currently on campus, so I did this instead ^_^ I’m a bit happier.

/end of rant!